JULLIAN ANDRÉ LUCILA GONZALES Tosca Camille O. Punzalan owns my heart. Height: 176.53 cm
Born: 1992
| Musician | Dancer | Martial Artist | Chef | Skywalker |

GOD is my Salvation. JESUS is my Savior. AMEN

Everyday, I read the Bible. It's my technique for a better living. Never fail to pray. For God listens to us every time. And it's amazing how you'll find Him doing unexpected things. I'm very grateful to be blessed by God. You should be too. #personal
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Pokemon Starters by Andrew Kim

Dat Venusaur doe.

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S.H.I.E.L.D outfit.:))

#MagicMike #Funny #Necktie

Work hard, play hard.#Fitness

Work hard, play hard.#Fitness

Turn it well.

Turn it well.

From the original key, C. I changed the keys to G so that I would hit the notes. This is not a clean version, meaning not polished. I apologize that some of the lyrics were not clear because its my first time to play this song at this key.:))

My favorite chocolate…